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Europoort Tankers has an excellent reputation in Tank Storage and Transhipments services in major ports across the world. We understand that the storage and handling of crude oil, chemicals, biofuels, vegetable oils and petroleum products requires a reliable partner company with experts. We go the extra mile to make sure their client's products and goods are handled and stored with utmost care in good condition by professionals with excellent expertise.
Europoort Tankers offers both long and short term storage for liquid chemicals, vegetable oil, mineral oil, biofuel, Crude Oil and other Petroleum products to their customers. Their main terminals are located in the Mediterranean Sea and Nord Sea. We own and operate storage Tanks in major commercial ports in 11 Countries including Rotterdam, Houston,Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Primorsk, Dandong, Nakhodka and Tianjin.
Europoort terminals in the Mediterranean Sea and Nord Sea terminal consists of 28 storage tanks for crude oil with a storage capacity of 3.9 million cubic meters. The terminal is fed both by tankers discharging at the Rotterdam oil port and by the 42" line from Rotterdam & Vlissingen. From the terminal, the oil is either pumped to the refineries or loaded onto outbound tankers.
The Rotterdam terminal has an additional 2.6 million cubic meter storage facility for oil products. The oil products storage system consists of 22 dedicated storage tanks and is connected to berths no. 1,2,3 and 4 for loading and unloading. The system is also connected to Europoort Tankers filling station for tanker lorries and to MOT’s tankfarm.
The LPG tankfarm has a capacity of 112,900 tons, in mounded tanks. At this tankfarm, discharging of ocean-going tankers can be carried out simultaneously with the loading of tanker lorries,. Europoort Tankers also operates a modern filling plant for LPG cylinders which serves European consumers.


Europoort Tankers operates three separate pipelines for crude oil and one for oil products in Rotterdam.

1. A 42", 168-km long crude oil pipeline linking the Nord Sea port of Rotterdam with the Nord Sea port of Rotterdam. Three booster stations pump the crude oil at a maximum capacity of 30 million tons per annum. Two additional booster stations pump the crude oil in the opposite direction, namely from the Rotterdam to the Nord Sea, at a maximum capacity of 30 million tons per annum.
2. A 42", 85-km long crude oil pipeline connecting Rotterdam with the Vlissingen refinery. Three pumping stations along the line enable an annual throughput capacity of 5.5 million tons.
3. A 42"", 62-km long crude oil pipeline connecting Rotterdam with the Vlissingen refinery, with a maximum throughput capacity of 6 million tons per annum.
4. A 11", 47-km long oil products pipeline connecting Vlissingen with Rotterdam. The pipeline serves to transport oil products (gasoline, jet fuel and gasoil) from the Mediterranean to the Nord Sea and vice versa.