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Europoort BV

Europoort Acquires New Assets

Posted: August 08, 2016. | By: admin_nevlez - 2 Comments

Europoort B.V has just acquired 3 new vessels for liquid and gas freight in her newly constructed storage facility, scheduled for opening before the end of the year.

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EUROPOORT B.V joins the Green Earth Campaign.

Posted: July 12, 2016. | By: admin_nevlez - 0 Comments

Europoort B.V has recently joined hands with world leading energy/petroleum industry heavyweights in the bid for better evironmental conscious work etics. Making the earth more habitable for us and future unborn generations, by ensuring that environmental disaster factors are eliminated.

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Europort BV

Europoort Purchases 110 new road tanker trucks.

Posted: June 05, 2016. | By: admin.nevlez - 3 Comments

EUROPOORT B.V netherlands purchases 110 pcs of Mack Tanker Trucks, for land/road liquid, petrochemical and gas product transportation. The trucks will be used to making product delivery to and from customer base location within motorable land area from closest Europoort Terminal

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